Online Learning - promoting tourism

Helping staff qualify is great for business.



A national tourism body was struggling with a problem. They were not a high-profile destination, so travel agents were not promoting them because they lacked the knowledge. The destination was not on their radar. The tourist authority had to find a way of raising awareness and motivating staff.

Solution - online learning

An 'academy' was created, where staff of travel agents could learn, on-line, about the destination. There was a series of lessons, each with a short quiz at the end. Staff had to reach a 75% score to pass and move forward to the next lesson.

At the end of the course, the staff member was presented with a qualification as an accredited expert on the destination. An online certificate could be printed out. Importantly, the accreditation was for the individual not the agency - it was portable. That staff member could add the qualification to their CV and take it to another employer.

As an additional incentive, points were earned by completing units which could be exchanged for gifts. There were also prizes for top scoring students.


  • Staff members were more likely to promote the destination to customers
  • Advisors' product knowledge about the destination was enhanced
  • Agencies had better informed staff
  • Learning could be done outside office time
  • Learning took place on a stand-alone site so there was no additional load on the agencies' websites or staff
  • As staff moved jobs they carried the knowledge with them
  • A community of qualified advisors was built up