How it works

We have three key principles:

  1. Listen - we are here to deliver what you want. That begins with listening to you and really understanding your needs.
  2. Talk - if there is one thing clients hate, it's radio silence. We respond as fast as possible. You will always know what is happening - even if it's a problem, you will know what is is and when it will be fixed.
  3. Act - as well as carrying out instructions, it's our job to be pro-active. We'll come up with suggestions and recommendations to do things in the best, fastest and most innovative way.


The Process

You want fast results, but you also want the best results. Our process is simply focused on delivering just that. It's based on tried and trusted agile delivery principles.

The Discovery Phase

This where really find out about you, your needs and your users' needs - where we agree the broad scope of your project.

The Alpha Phase

Getting the first prototype in place - a proof of concept where you can test the basics from end to end.

The Beta Phase

Building a working version based on the alpha prototype.

The Go-live Phase

Go-live speaks for itself - however it shouldn't be thought of as the end of the project but an opportunity for final iterations to to move beyong satisfying needs to delighting users.

If you want to know more about agile delivery there are many guides, but one of the best is the UK Government's Core Principles of Agile.