Photoshop images - how far will this go?

So, France has introduced new laws to require advertisers to say if an image has been retouched or enhanced. The objective it seems is to control the artificial slimming of models and other bodily or facial changes. It's argued that this can potentially affect the health and well-being of consumers who may be presented with unrealistic body images.

The requirement it seems is that an image which has been Photoshopped (other image manipulation programs are available), will have to carry a text based statement to that effect - "Photographie retouchée".

How will GDPR change the face of digital marketing?

You will almost certainly need to rethink your inbound marketing in the light of GDPR.

For many years e-mail marketing was the poor relation compared to other web promotional tools. Heavy spamming gave email a bad name and marketers put it on the shelf for quite a while.

A few years ago, it began to enjoy a renaissance as marketers sharpened up their CRMs. They realized that the analytics available allowed high levels of targeting and fine tuning of offers to specific targets. Inbound marketing became one of the favoured tools.

3 ways online learning can grow your business

Passing on knowledge can be good for customers and good for you.

Online learning has been a quiet revolution - not just for academics but for business.

Millions of people use YouTube videos to learn how to do jobs at home or work. Competent businesses and tradespeople put up the movies and share their specialist knowledge - for free. Why? Because it makes good business sense.

Here are some ways you could put online learning to work for you:

Website re-vamp

We've just finished a site re-vamp for our parent company, One Marketing Ltd. They say 'The shoemaker's children always go barefoot' so it's been a while since the site was refreshed.

The objective was to bring a simple modern look to the site. The content is the important benefit, so the brief was to keep it clean and simple - good design should not be noticed - visitors should be busy reading the content.

Mobile was also at the front of our mind. So responsiveness was another key feature.

Why we're not keen on some site-build packages

We've seen all the ads - 'Build your site instantly with no previous experience' - 'Free web-builder tools'.

They are usually linked to a low price only '£X per month*' - (note the small asterisk). Here is the clue, most of the companies making those offers are hosting providers. The cut price offer is usually just for the first year, after which it reverts to a more commercial price.

What the providers are looking to do is to tie you in to them as their long-term host.