3 ways online learning can grow your business

Online learning can grow your business

Passing on knowledge can be good for customers and good for you.

Online learning has been a quiet revolution - not just for academics but for business.

Millions of people use YouTube videos to learn how to do jobs at home or work. Competent businesses and tradespeople put up the movies and share their specialist knowledge - for free. Why? Because it makes good business sense.

Here are some ways you could put online learning to work for you:

User incentives

The free courses are great, but linking completed lessons to incentives is even more powerful. For example, you can give points that can be redeemed against other products or services. Learning can be gamefied by recording and publishing top scores on websites and through social media. This increases engagement and drives traffic.

Award qualifications

For B2B businesses it can be effective to have tiers of users and perhaps offer accreditations for qualified users of your products. We've used this successfully for installers of plumbing and bathroom products.  It raises your profile and strengthens the loyalty of installers and fitters. Turn your customer chain into qualified advocates.

Train end-users

Perhaps the most obvious application, but tremendously powerful. There is nothing like demonstration to convey product features and benefits. Link demonstration videos or animations to learning and you enhance user competence and confidence. Users will always happy to select a product or service they feel confident in applying.

You can link learning to on-going support, further building customer engagement and growing your chain of recommendations.

But there is far more online learning can do for your business - check out our case studies.

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