Online learning for business

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Custom-designed learning can provide another dimension for your business. From helping develop your staff to providing added value for customers and intermediaries. Right through the supply chain there are opportunities to enhance your company's offering.

There is value for everyone. Online learning means flexibility - learn where and when you want. Less downtime off-the-job

For Staff

  • Consistent training packages for all staff whatever their location
  • Induction courses - mandatory completion and digital signature
  • Policy training, manuals
  • Customer service
  • For remote and homeworkers
  • CPD
  • HR requirements
  • Qualification and accreditation


For customers

  • Product training and interactive guides
  • Customer-support interactive manuals
  • Staff accreditation
  • Online instructions


For installers and sales engineers

  • Installer training
  • Sales awareness
  • Product update demonstration
  • Qualification and accreditation
  • Extended post-workshop support
  • Remote support


For students and learners

  • Create and deliver online courses
  • Assessed learning
  • On-going support
  • ​Remote support


For the world at large

  • Create courses as valuable web content
  • Instruction for hobbyists and enthusiasts
  • Added value for websites and blogs


What we do

We create and build bespoke learning experiences on websites, stand-alone platforms for desktops and mobile applications.
Classic learning experiences that can be assessed and marked with measurable and accountable progress.
Learning for qualification, pleasure, or profit.

We've worked on solutions for suppliers of bathroom fittings, tourist organisations, heating manufacturers, government departments and more.

How can we help you? Just ask, we may come up with a few interesting surprises.