We are big believers in strategy - and importantly, it is not a big, fat document that passes the 'calliper test'. At its best a it should  be able to be contained on no more than one sheet of A4.

What's in a digital strategy?

In essence it should consist of just three things:

  1. Where are we now? A sound understanding of the business's current position.
  2. Where do we want to be? Our objective.
  3. How do we get there? How will the website help us achieve our goal?

Businesses usually have a number of layers - at the top is the business strategy, under that is often marketing and under that may be the web strategy - all helping to achieve the overall business objective.

Without sound strategies there is a real danger of losing sight of what is important and wasting time and energy on the wrong tasks. 

The danger of 'drift and dabble'

With real direction there will be no temptation to try things on a whim, or play with the latest shiney web trick just because it looks good. Everybody's energy, from the top down, will be focused on that big objective.

Our skill is helping to cut through the 'noise' and create a digital strategy to get what you want. We are objective and used to identifying the simplest and most solutions for you.

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