Today, there is a tremendous amount you or your staff can achieve without having to call in your web developers for help.

Technology moves rapidly, however, and it can help to have a little guidance - some training or coaching in how to get the best from todays web technologies. You're not alone.

  • Content management training - most of today's sites are built on content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla etc. We can help you find your way around your new site. If we have built it for you, this training is included free. But we're happy to provide training to de-mystify any CMS - even if you have built it yourself.
  • Site building training - if you want to embark on building your own site, we can provide training to get you started - or help you or your people move up to a higher level and use some clever tricks and effects. Writing for the web - we have high impact courses to make sure your content is effective in generating the results you need.
  • Content maintenance - nobody is going to keep coming back to a website where the content doesn't change. But keeping the site fresh and engaging can be a chore - we can show you techniques to ensure you have new relevant content without burning the midnight oil.
  • Understanding analytics - there is a mass of information available about your visitors and their behaviour. Cutting through to find the useful stuff and then putting it to use can be a challenge. We can help demystify the process and harness the power of anaytics with a packed learning session.

These are just a handful of topics from our training packages - we can help with one-to-one or group sessions, with ongoing on-line support. Help can be tailored to exactly match your needs. Find out more now.