Sometimes it can be exciting and rewarding to work on non-profit projects. Cutting plastic waste is very much a hot button issue. But a group of Essex business people are starting an initiative to commit to making small changes in how they work, to reduce plastic waste.  This can be as simple as switching from plastic cups and folders to paper, or spotting opportunities to reuse.

Tigerfruit has created their first website – simple first steps – but just like the initiative. Start small and see how it grows.

Let's cut plastic waste website

Managing director, Ian West, who is also involved in the project, commented; “We are always open to pro-bono work for worthwhile non-profits and charity initiatives. This is a great opportunity to apply our expertise to something we believe in.”

In the final episode of Blue Planet II, David Attenborough took an unflinching look at the impact of human activity on marine life, and delivered a powerful rallying call to do more to protect the environment.

“The future of all life now depends on us,” said the BBC naturalist in his closing speech.

With the county of Essex having one of the longest coastlines – this seems like a particularly relevant initiative.