Top 10 links for website owners

Well, you’ve had your site built (hopefully by us) but the job doesn’t end there. Your shiny new site needs promoting, maintaining, nurturing and a lot of TLC  to make sure it goes on delivering – and getting better as you grow.

We’ve assembled our top 10, most useful tools for website owners, including tools for search, promotion, storage, images and more.

  1. Google Analytics – must have tool to monitor your site’s performance. It’s Free and gives you masses of information and tools to help you grow. We use it on all our own sites. The industry standard.
  2. Stripe – if you’re running an e-commerce site, Stripe is the simplest way to take payments and handle transactions on your site. It integrates easily with all the major e-commerce platforms and plugins.
  3. Grammarly – content is king, but it poor content is just plain damaging.  Grammarly is a free Chrome extension that proofreads any content you are typing onto you site. It checks spelling, punctuation and style and gives accurate, context specific hints and advice.
  4. SEO PowerSuite – Search is still the most powerful tool and every site owner needs a great SEO toolkit.  There are a lot about, some are stand alone and others are plugins for popular CMS such as WordPress or Drupal. SEO Powersuite is a comprehensive set of tools that meets most needs… and more
  5. Piktochart – You’ll soon need a tool for creating charts, diagrams, infographics and more. There are a lot of products out there, but this is one of the best. Even the free version has lots of features and inspiration, but the Pro version will really power up your content.
  6. Dropbox – Somewhere to store your important documents, files, images and even site backups. There are other products around, but Dropbox has been around for a long time and has proved itself a pretty bullet-proof repository.
  7. Unsplash – ditch those second-rate images. Unsplash is the place to find top quality, freely usable images created by great photographers.
  8. Birme – A great online tool for resizing images. You can bulk resize, crop, convert and rename images. Using the right size images ensures your site performs with the best quality experience.
  9.  Hootsuite –  The go-to tool for managing and scheduling your social media posts – but the hootsuite dashboard does much more, letting you see what’s trending in your business sectors.
  10. Rank Tracker -rank checking and keyword research. With 20 methods of search, your keyword list is complete. Also vital for tracking your ranking progress, your competitors’ performance, as well as changes occurring in the SERPs, and more.

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