Why website maintenance is essential

Whs'job is website maintenance?

Content creation was never on our mind when we first launched Tigerfruit in 2017.

The plan was simple, to create, design and build websites for appreciative clients, using our core skills. They were design, web development and brand marketing. We would do the things were were good at, and assumed that clients would provide us with the necessary content to populate their sites.

Up to a point this worked well. But increasingly, content became an issue. At first it was simply that busy clients were increasingly finding their own resources stretched. Providing content in a timely manner just added to their burden. Clients’ projects were stalling because of their own content bottlenecks.

Content gets complex

Today, the task of content creation is a far more complex exercise than simply writing some persuasive text (although that is still a core requirement).

Extensive research is often needed. User journeys have to be planned and structured. SEO requirements are right at the top of the list. Social media considerations need constant revisions.

Content is no longer restricted to copywriting. Meaningful visual content speeds communication and can clarify complex offers. For example, infographics were the 3rd most used form of media in content marketing in 2021 (source Hubspot). So content providors need to employ infographics, video and animation etc.

Collaborative Content

It’s clear that a collaborative activity is needed. Many clients are employing outside talent from sources such as Fiverr, with good results. However, the product we see often falls short of client needs.

It’s not that the content is necessarily poorly written. But it suffers without a close involvement with the client and the web team, and understanding the strategy and objectives.

When we work with a client from the discovery phase of the project through all the early development steps, we share a great insight that can be used to direct content in synch with design and build.

Taking the plunge

So that’s why we decided to provide, for clients who require it, a content creation service

As we discussed above, producing content needs a lot of resource. It also requires a mix of skills. We don’t pretend we have all the necessary staff or abilities in house, however, over the years we have developed strategic alliances with a great network of providers. We rely upon them – and they on us. And with centralised project management we now confidently deliver great content.


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